Collector's Chest

Collector (Col*lect"or): One who collects things which are separate

Collections are the outward manifestation of a deeply-felt principle or emotion, and are quite different than ordinary garden-variety ”clutter.” The trick is to establish a set of rules for sorting, storing, and purging your mementos -- and make sure that you properly store and protect your keepsakes.
Do you have the mindset of a successful collector? Having the right mindset pays big dividends. See what it takes.
If you have a collection that has grown so large it has taken over every square inch of your home, find your way out of the clutter. If you want to start a collection, learn how to keep it under control before you begin. Learn how to be a collector without becoming a pack rat.
Keep the little creepy-crawly-hungry things out of your valuable collection.
After taking steps to protect your valuable collection from threats like humidity, light, & bugs what to do about vile people who might steal your collection?
The best collector is an educated one. The Educated Collector will feature information about antique and collectible objects to help collectors learn more about what they collect. Each column will give a brief history of a particular type of antique or collectible, known makers, and something about the market for it. (Read More)